Vocabulary Part1

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Vocabulary sessions will be used to learn words frequently to help us enrich our vocabulary. For this session, we are going to learn three vocabulary words.


i. Acknowledge (transitive)

  • to admit the knowledge of.
    Eg: I acknowledge I could have made better decisions.
  • to recognize as a fact or truth.
    Eg: He finally acknowledged his paternity of the child.
  • to notify receipt of your letter.
    Eg: I will send you a message this night, please acknowledge receipt of it.

        Synonyms: avow, proclaim, recognize, own, admit…

        French: reconnaitre, accuser réception.


ii. Adrift

  • Floating at random.
    Eg: The seamen are adrift in lifeboats.
  • Behind one’s opponents, or below a required threshold in terms of score, number, or position.
    Eg: Our team was only one goal adrift after the first leg.

       French: à la derive


iii. Afford

  • To incur, stand or bear without serious detriment, as an act which might under other circumstances be injurious.
    Eg: Are you able to afford the car that you are looking for?
  • To provide, to furnish
    Eg: The best that I could afford was a first-floor room for your guests.

       French: offrir, fournir, produire

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