Vocabulary : knight – hawker – haze – mews – mall

Knight - Chevalier


i. Knight

 Man of a high social rank who had a duty to fight for his king, he has the title Sir before his name.

E.g.: Sir Lewis Hamilton is a knight of the queen of England since last December.

French : Chevalier.

Chevalier Sandor Clegane

ii. Hawker

Hawker - Colporteur

 Person who sells things that can be easily carried, by going from place to place.

E.g.: When Marc gave his price, the hawker shook his head and shouldered his bag.

French: Camelot, colporteur.

iii. Haze

Ciel - Brouillard

 Air that is difficult to see through because it contains very small drops of water (or sth else).

E.g.: Few months ago, we saw a golden haze surrounding the sun.

French: Brume, brouillard.

iv. Mews


 A narrow street with a row of stables that have been made into small houses.

E.g.: Don’t go there at night, the restaurant is in a secluded mews.

French: Ruelle.

v. Mall


 A large building that has many shops/stores… inside it.

E.g.: There is no real shopping mall in this city.

French: Centre commercial.


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