Five (05) meanings that you ignore about the word « field »

A field

Usually, when talking about the word field, our imagery directly refers to an area of land, surrounded by a fence, used for farming or animals. That one is surely true, but today, we are going to discover five other meanings you don’t know about the same word.


A field in computing is a part of a record that is a separate item of data.

Eg: I have created many fields so that you should not be confused in analyses.

What is Field? | Webopedia

2-Sports’ field

Also called pitch in British English, a field in sports in an area of land, usually in compounds, used to play.

Eg: A football field, a baseball field.

Football field | 3D Warehouse


In business, it refers to all the people or products competing in a particular area.

Eg: Moov and Togocom lead the telecommunication field in Togo.


In physics, a field is an area in which a mentioned force has an effect.

Eg: An electromagnetic field; a gravitational field.

Gravitational Field Stock Illustrations – 835 Gravitational Field Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime


A particular work or activity in which somebody works or is interest

Eg: A field of music, a field of research.


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Source: Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 7th edition.

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