How to form a negation in english

Negation - Negative form in English

Basically, we form a negation in English with the preposition « no/not ».


I have a book.   ==> Neg: I have no book.

I am a driver ==> Neg: I am not a driver

Negation with semi-auxiliary « to do »

« cIs it possible to observe negative sentences that carry the writings: don’t/doesn’t or didn’t? « 

Yes, that is possible. In English, some verbs, unable to support the preposition no/not itself, are helped by the semi-auxiliary « to do » for doing so! The negation is then formed by the addition of « to do » and the preposition « no/not » (don’t; doesn’t; didn’t)+the remaining sentence.


I have a book.  ==>  Neg: I don’t (do not) have a book.

I like this cloth ==> Neg: I don’t (do not) like this cloth.


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