English verbs : can you differentiate main verbs and auxiliaries?

English verbs

Do you know all the secrets about a verb? Can you recognize one, in a sentence if you are asked to do so! It is not as difficult as you think… Just follow us😉

A verb is a word, or (in some contexts) a group of words that gives information on what a sentence is about… A verb is the root of a sentence. If there is no verb, there is no sentence!

0. Let’s consider these sentences

Kodjo jumped over the wall.

Peter experienced this situation before.

He is always happy.

What is the remark you have made in these sentences?

In each of them, there is a word informing us about the thing going on… Which word is it?

Let’s read the sentences again:

Kodjo jumped over the wall.
Peter experienced this event before.
He is always happy.

In the first sentence, we can find the word jumped, which indicates what Kodjo is doing( action); in the second, experienced informs us about what happened (event); and in the third, ‘is’ is telling about the feeling of the person(state). These three words are called verbs according to the role they are playing in the sentences. We can then find out action or state verbs.

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In English, we have  two kinds of verbs: auxiliary verbs and
main verbs.

1. Auxiliary verbs.

They are verbs that help main verbs form their different tenses, voices, and moods! They are also called helping verbs!
Eg: The boy is coming.

My father has bought a new car.

I will go to church on Sunday.

You can notice that the verbs in bold have helped those in italic to have the proper sense according to their inflection. They are some of the auxiliaries.

Here is a list of auxiliary verbs: be; have; will/shall; can; must; may; ought to

Nb: We can also use the auxiliaries as main verb:

He has two daughters!
My mother is a nurse.

2. Main verbs.

Main verbs are verbs that stand in a sentence without the help of an auxiliary. They express facts, events, or states in a sentence. Main verbs are also called principal verbs.

Eg: Kodjo punishes his son because he was late.

The player scored in the first half.

That is the different kinds of verbs in English, but as a matter of type in type😁😁, we’ll now discover the different types of the main verb we can have in English.

  • There are three kinds of main verbs: Transitive verbs; intransitive verbs and verbs of incomplete predication.

See you on the next article to discover them🥰😉😉😉

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