Conditionnal sentences in English: If clauses

Have you ever made a promise to someone about a thing you do not have at this moment!? Or have you ever wished you had something in a precise moment? Do you remember the exact phrase you said at that precise moment when the action was occurring, to show you actually wished you had that thing?

Surely you do! Either in French or in English or any other language, we’re sure you used a sentence with two clauses, by consequent two tenses or verbs. Let’s remember that day and all the feelings you had at that time but more let’s go well on these expressions called “IF CLAUSES”.

IF clauses (sentences)

Different types of if clauses

They are conditional sentences using the expression If as a motor and meaning root. We have four different types of If clauses.

Type 1

It is the first level of “If clauses”. It is the simplest of them.

If + Simple present + Simple future.

Eg: If I get money, I will buy a new engine.

If I am the class monitor, I will make everything ordered in the classroom.

I will buy you a bicycle if you get your B.E.P.C.

That was it, very simple and easy to handle, try it in the comments!!!.

Type 2

If + Simple past + Present conditional (would + infinitive).

Eg: If I was a pilot, I would fly from country to country.

If love was a rose, I would offer you a whole garden of it.

I would go to Germany if I had a lot of money.

Type 3

If + Past perfect + Conditional Perfect (would + have + Pp of the verb). 

Eg: If you had called, I would have sent a boy to help you!

If I had been a soldier, I would have not been afraid of war!

Type 4 : UNLESS (IF…NOT)

Here is the use of the preposition (If) in concord with negation. It is called If…not clause or Unless Clause.

Rule: Unless + Affirmative + Negative.

Eg: If you do not pass your exam, I will not buy you a bicycle.

Unless you pass your exam, I will not buy you a bicycle.

NB: Unless can be used with the three types of clauses we just dealt with. Remember that Unless = If…not.


Try to give us SENTENCES in comments.

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