Active and passive voices in English.

Passive or active voice

Do you know the active and passive voices in English? Here, we’re going to discover what we call active or passive voice/form of a sentence, especially a verb.


The active form/voice

The active voice (or form) of a verb is a voice in which an action is felt in the sentence. In that kind of sentence, we can denote the presence of a subject doing an action expressed by a verb, the latter being a transitive one; meaning the verb must admit a direct object.

Example: 1- Kofi rings the bell.

                 2- Akou is singing the National Anthem.

                 3- Kodzo read the math lesson in the morning.


The passive form/voice

In opposition to the active one, passive voice is a form of sentence in which the subject, not doing, is rather experiencing or receiving the action done by the object and expressed by the verb. Passive sentences always carry the auxiliary to be inside them.

Example: 1-The bell is rung by Kofi.

                 2- The National Anthem is being sung by Akou.

                 3- The math lesson was read by Kodzo in the morning.

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