Vocabulary: crush-croon-creep-cram-cupcake

i. Crush

When we romantically like someone, often in a simple way when we are young.

E.g.: I don’t understand why you have a crush on him.

French: Crush, béguin, coup de foudre.


ii. Croon

  • To sing something quietly and gently.

E.g.: She was crooning to her baby.
French: Chantonner.


iii. Creep

creeping baby
creeping baby
  • To move slowly; in the case of people or animals with the body near the ground

E.g.: The soldiers crawled from the bush to the enemy camp.

French: ramper

iv. Cram

cram for an exam
cram for an exam
  • To crowd or pack to capacity
  • To put something somewhere so that the space is completely filled
  • To prepare  hastily for an impending exam, study intensively as before an exam

E.g.: Nestor crammed during 2 days for his history-geography exam. 

Rafaela crammed as many clothes as possible into her suitcase.

French: bûcher, condenser, fourrer, bourrer

v. Cupcake


  • Small cake baked in a muffin tin



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