Vocabulary : earthquake – flaunt – flout -fink – forthright


i. Earthquake


 Sudden shaking of the ground caused by the passage of seismic waves through earth’s rocks.

E.g.: A strong earthquake of M6.2  hit Indonesia in January 2021

French: Tremblement de terre.

ii. Flaunt (verb)


 Show something considered valuable in order to gain the admiration of other people.

E.g.: She liked to flaunt her curves by wearing tight clothes.

French : Etaler (ses richesses par exemple)

iii. Flout

Flout - curfew

 Disobey openly (something/somebody).

E.g.: They were making businesses that flout the rules.

Citizens were going outside at 9 PM flouting the curfew set by the Government

French : Mepriser, se moquer de…

iv. Fink

 Person who gives information to the police about criminals. Someone acting as an informer or decoy for the Police

E.g.: My young sister is such a fink; she told my dad I went out yesterday.

French: Mouchard, denonciateur.

v. Forthright

 Direct and outspoken.

E.g.: Lara Fabian once said that the topics of her songs were forthright.
French: Franc, direct.

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