Vocabulary: dandy-damsel-deafen-debar-dregs

i. Dandy

dandy - Chuck Bass
Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl

Man who cares too much about the smartness of his clothes and his appearance.

E.g.: There are a lot of dandies in this restaurant.

French : Dandy, muscadin.

ii. Damsel

Young unmarried woman.

E.g.: The handsome prince rescued the damsel in distress.

French: Demoiselle.

iii. Deafen

Make (somebody) feel deaf or unable to hear sounds around him by making a very loud noise.

E.g.: You make too much noise! You may deafen us.

French: Assourdir.

iv. Debar

Shut somebody out (of a place), prevent from entering; keep out bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.

E.g.: Girls in short clothes were debarred from the club.

French: Ecarter

v. Dregs

Dregs - lie
The remnants of a liquid left in a container, together with any sediment.

E.g.: Please, shake the bottle to loosen the dregs before use.

French: Lie, depot…

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